The adenoids are a tissue similar to tonsils that are in the back of the nose. By removing this tissue, certain problems with the nose, ear, and breathing can be improved.

Postoperative Care

Four things expect after surgery:

  1. Pain in the throat, neck, and referred pain in the ears are common. This discomfort usually lasts for four to five days, but may last for up to 14 days. Use Tylenol or prescribed pain medicine as needed for this discomfort. Do not use Aspirin products since these can increase the chance of bleeding after surgery. If your doctor prescribes pain medication, please be aware that most pain medications also contain Tylenol. You should NOT give pain medication and Tylenol to your child in the same 4-hour period. The neck pain can persist for up to 2 weeks.
  2. Blood tinged drainage from the nose is expected for about three days. Your child may blow their nose GENTLY the day after surgery if necessary. Any bright red bleeding from the nose lasting  several minutes should be reported to your doctor immediately.
  3. Snoring, runny, or stuffy nose and bad breath can occur after surgery and last for about 2 weeks. This is normal and will resolve with the healing process. Normal saline nasal spray can be used. Occasionally, the child may have some changes in voice due to the removal of adenoid tissue. They sometimes sound more nasal. This usually will return to normal within four weeks. You may resume previously prescribed nasal medications as needed after 48 hours.
  4. Low-grade fevers are common after surgery. Your child may run a fever for several days after surgery. If the temperature is higher than 102º and cannot be controlled with Tylenol or prescribed pain medicine, please call the office. It is important that children drink plenty of fluids after surgery. This will not only make them feel better, but will reduce the chance of fevers.

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Common Questions After Surgery

What type of activity can my child do after surgery?

Quiet activities for 7 days. School can be started in 3 days if the patient feels well and is no longer needing pain medications. If they are still requiring pain medication, it may be best to keep them at home. No sustained physical activities (sports, running, heavy lifting, swimming, P.E. class, bounce houses, etc…) for 7 days after surgery.

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What symptoms should I be concerned with after surgery?

You should notify the doctor if there is bright red bleeding from the nose that lasts several minutes, uncontrolled vomiting, or neck pain and stiffness that is not relieved by pain medication.

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Should I be concerned that fluids come out of my child’s nose when he drinks?

No this can sometimes occur after surgery but will resolve within a few weeks.

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What type of diet should my child eat after surgery?

We encourage plenty of fluids after surgery. There are no restrictions on the diet.

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When should I return to see the doctor?

Your child should return to see the doctor within 4-6 weeks after surgery.

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Will the adenoids grow back?

Adenoid tissue can occasionally grow back, but usually does not require another surgical procedure.

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How can I reach the doctor after hours?

There is a doctor on call 24 hours. If you need to reach us, please call the office number: 214-494-4150